October 29th, 2008
Leaves of Fall

Leaves of Fall

Panel 2: (I wish trees only had one leaf.)
Panel 3: (…or maybe not.)

Fall is here, our first semester of Intermediate French draws to a close.  While Fall may be in the air, we rarely get to see the wonderful change of seasons that occurs in the North… I miss the North.  Anyway, I had wanted to have Rigolo sigh in the first panel but I couldn’t find the French word used for a sigh so I left it out.   If any of you out there know the word/symbol used by French comic artists for the sighing sound, please let me know.

I know that Rigolo has been changing a bit but I think I have finally found a look for him that is more consistant with the look I originally wanted for him so I think I will be keeping his current look (Thanks  Liz).  I hope you like it as you will likely be seeing more of the new/old look for Rigolo moving forward.

I think that my inking has become pretty consistant and I’m pretty happy with the colors but I would love to hear what you think of them.  Are they too drab? Are they too feminine?  I don’t know, I just collected all of the colors that I have used from previous comics and made a single palette for them.   I think that now I need to work on line thickness consistancy and to get more comics under my belt.  Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I discovered the PAF sound from a great French comic that I read called Le monde de Khöl.  I decided to try something different with the visuals for the sound by placing the sound on the object that is making the sound.  I’m not sure if it will always be feasible to do it this way but who knows.